Planned Giving

While CAUSE depends upon your generous lifetime contributions to maintain its granting program to you and your fellow Flight Attendants, CAUSE’s future endowment is extremely important.

For many of us the financial demands of everyday living limits the amount that we can comfortably give to CAUSE regardless of our commitment to, and support of CAUSE.

There is another way to help CAUSE’s future granting capabilities. Many of us have Wills, Living Trusts, 401(k) plans and the like. By naming The CAUSE Foundation® in any of the above as a beneficiary, you will ensure CAUSE’s future stability. You can specify any dollar amount or percentage you wish.

Now that so many of our friends have retired and gone on furlough, we are in serious need of more contributors. If you, or someone you know is not already contributing to CAUSE, please encourage them to do so (or raise their payroll amount!) Thanks.

CAUSE is here to discuss this Planned Giving with you. There are so many ways and opportunities for all of us to achieve the CAUSE mission.

Please email or telephone The CAUSE Foundation® at 1-303-805-9036 for additional information. We will be pleased to put you in touch with legal counsel for CAUSE to provide you or your attorney with appropriate language or guidance. This will enable you to help CAUSE without compromising your lifestyle and that of your family.