Our Board


Judee Greenspan, President
Judee is originally from the Los Angeles area.  She started flying with United in 1976.  She has spent most of her career based in Newark.  She joined The CAUSE Foundation in 1995 and in October of 2022, she became President of The CAUSE Foundation.

Patrice Pineda, Vice President
Patrice started flying with United in 1979.  She is based in Los Angeles. She became a volunteer with The CAUSE Foundation in 2005.. In October of 2022, she became Vice President of The CAUSE Foundation®.

Debi Trainer, Secretary
Debi is based in San Francisco.  In October of 2022, she became Secretary of The CAUSE Foundation

Jacque Vincent, Treasurer
Jacque is based in Washington DC and has been flying for United for 50 years. In October 2022, she became the Treasurer of The CAUSE Foundation.

Lisa Dow, Chief Information Officer Lisa is originally from Minnesota and began her career with United in 1995. She has been based in JFK and London and is now based in ORD. Lisa has been a volunteer with CAUSE since 2010 and became the CIO in 2016.


Bev Van Zandt, Staff Administrator
Bev graduated from UCLA. She worked for Consumer Credit Counseling Service as their Internal Accounting Director until March of 1999, when she became the first (and only) paid employee of The CAUSE Foundation®.

monica_leonard Monica Leonard, Founder/Advisor
Monica started The CAUSE Foundation® in 1994. Although she retired in 2002, she has stayed on in an advisory role.

Board of Directors

Sally Brosonski – EWR (Retired)

Janice Cinko – LAS/LAX (Retired)

Amy Hurst-Kownacki – SFO

Cynthia Kurowski – ORD (Retired)

Carol Patrone – ORD

Valerie Smoak – IAH